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PET Bottle Blowing Machine Features Briefings
- Feb 06, 2018 -

PET blow molding machine is the biggest characteristic of the drying tunnel and blowing apart, speeding up the bottle blowing speed and increase production.

PET multi-purpose plastic blow molding machine is divided into two major control systems (PET bottle blower households are free to choose), one by the time relay control, the second is PLC touch screen computer control (according to different customer requirements at home and abroad, the above Control system, such as Japan's Omron, Mitsubishi, etc.) can be more accurate control of technical parameters, blowing machine simple, safe, and the use of different locations double emergency stop control, , So that the operator in the work of convenience, blowing machine only one person operation, does not require special training, the machine has a special high and low pressure air storage device, the user can supply a single gas supply or dual gas supply can be more, Clamping device with double crank clamping, clamping force, etc., the machine is very easy to install, easy operation and maintenance personnel.