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How To Choose The Right Blow Molding Machine
- Feb 06, 2018 -

1, production: According to their own production requirements, choose a second, a fourth-class parameters of the machine, according to factory parameters to buy.

2, whether the hot filling: where hot filling drinks, blow molding machine needs heat-resistant blow molding machine, this machine has special handling of bottles to prevent deformation during filling.

3, the price: the price is important, but convinced, a price of goods, Star Bell high-end blow molding machine value for money

4, after-sales service: the machine in operation, it is inevitable to some of the conditions, Star Bell service, thoughtful, follow-up of parts renewal ability

5, gas source: blowing machine needs to be used with the gas source, because it is inside the pneumatic device. Compressors and blow molding machines, both with the very important, to meet each other, save the pressure shortage, or excess waste of resources are not up to maximize energy efficiency, cost savings. So this is also important.