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China Plastic Exhibition--blow Molding Machine
- May 12, 2018 -

It has been half a month since chinaplas 2018 international plastic exhibition. Since I have been busy with my friends from other countries, I have no time to sit down and write a summary.


Chinaplas 2018 international exhibition of plastic, the booth for the first time to Shanghai hongqiao national conference and exhibition center, the area of 340000 square meters, to join hands in 40 countries and regions in the world of 3948 exhibitors, four days in a row in a whole new look to the industry's leading technology.

IMG_0830.JPG      IMG_0829.JPG

As an indicator of rubber and plastic science and technology and innovation stage, aiming at the technological frontier chinaplas international plastic show, to promote the global force of rubber and plastic industry development contribution of universe, the exhibition out of more than 120 global or Asian starting technology, also introduced: more excellent performance high functional plastic; More gloss, no spray paint, surface texture, thinner, non-toxic, harmless, biodegradable, 100% recyclable and reusable materials; Multi-color multi-station injection molding, automatic production management system and other intelligent production equipment and technology.