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What's difference between bottle blowing machine and Extrusion blow molding machine
- May 30, 2018 -

  At present, most of the bottle blowing machine is still a two-step bottle blowing machine, that is, the plastic material must be first made into the bottle embryo, and then blown.Nowadays, it is commonly used for environmental protection plastics made from PET materials.

  Extrusion Blow molding machine: after the liquid plastic is sprayed out, use the machine to blow out the wind, the plastic body will be blown to a certain shape of mold cavity, so as to make products, this kind of machine is called blow molding machine.It is also a kind of bottle blowing machine from the broad interpretation of blow molding machine is also a kind of bottle blowing 

   The two stage blow molding machine mainly produce the bottles basin on PET,PP raw material. And the Extrusion blow molding machine mainly produce the bottle basin on PC, HDPE, LDPE raw material so on.