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What is the bottle blowing machine and his features
- Mar 23, 2018 -

 The bottle blowing machine is a machine that can blowing the preform into a bottle through a certain process.

   PET multi-functional plastic bottle blowing machine is divided into two big control system, customers can choose according to their requirement,can control technology parameters more accurately.The machine operation is simple and safe.It adopts double scram control in different location, different positon single point action start button and double click start button control,ensure the operaion is convenient. The blow moulding machine just need one operater without special training. There has a special high and low pressure air storage device inside the machine, the user can choose single air source supply or double gas source supply. The PET blow moulding machine clamping device adopts double crank clamping, with the advantages of large clamping force.It's simple for installation,easy for operation and maintenance.

blow moulding machine.jpg