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The working principle of blow molding machine
- Feb 06, 2018 -

PP blow molding machine works: similar to blowing bubbles, the preferred resin will be added to the extruder, making it melt through the ring-shaped hole made of an end closed thin-walled round billet, and then through the compressed air, so that the blow Open to the desired thickness and width. Therefore, blown film is also called tubular film.

Specifically, the working principle of plastic extruder: plastic and hopper into the extruder barrel, with the rotation of the screw is forced to push the head of the thread direction. Due to the head at the filter, manifold, head die resistance, coupled with the screw between the capacity gradually reduced thread, the advancing material subject to great resistance, but also by the barrel of the heat input; on the other hand , Plastic in the movement by compression, shear, stirring and other effects of force, and the barrel, screw friction and plastic molecules between the friction, will have a lot of heat. As the temperature of the plastic in the barrel continues to rise, its physical state gradually from the glassy state into a high-elastic state, and finally into a viscous flow state, and further completely plasticized. As the screw is constantly rotating, plasticized plastic is equal pressure, the same amount from the nose die extrusion, known as a certain shape of plastic products. After cooling stereotypes, complete extrusion work.