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The second failure of PET bottle blowing machine
- Apr 30, 2018 -

   1. The fault of bottle blowing machine: bottle blowing machine during normal operation, sudden outages, phenomenon: in the same bottle blowing after take fingers off the bottle, bottle bottom mold, mold opening, after sealing the bottle finger to stop action.Restart the equipment after power failure, blow bottle check: the equipment is normal when the air is blown, but after the upper preform is heated to blow the bottle, after blowing out the third or several mould bottles, take the bottle finger to stop the action.

   Check: 1. Whether the bottom die is in place, normal.2. Whether the mold opening and closing is in place, normal.3. Whether the servo stretching is normal.The origin is normal, but the X or Y axis stretches the belt loose, and it is checked for all damage to both ends of the axle.It is normal when the air is blown, and when the bottle is blown, there is resistance to the top of the bottle, and the stretching is not in place and the machine stops.When this phenomenon occurs, first check if the tension wheel shaft has been worn out from both ends of the driving wheel.