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The second failure of bottle blowing machine
- Apr 25, 2018 -

   Today , we talk about another failure of the PET bottle blow moulding machine, maybe we will meet one day. Hope we can help you.

   Failure: in the operation of the bottle blowing machine, the clamping is not strict, and the bottle continuously blows and explodes, adjusting the clamping parameters in the operation, increasing the clamping force, and still explodes.(2) the height of the two limit bolts should be consistent and locked;During the blowing machine operation, two bolts will contact the table, while the bolt face and the table have clearance when the manual point is moved.It is appropriate to screw the limit bolt in order to ensure the clamping mould  in accurate place.

    Check: 1. It is possible that the mould is not in place after the bottle is pressed, and there is a loose mold in the positioning  pin hole at both ends.2. Blow bottle black square pneumatic exhaust valve can not open, high pressure gas can not discharge and cause blowing phenomenon.Remove the exhaust valve and the pneumatic reversing valve after cleaning to check for dirt blocking.It's not usually too dirty.3. The position of the limit bolt of the hydraulic model oil cylinder is loose, and the two limit bolts or the length of a loose end of the mold can be observed from the side of the mold oil cylinder.When this phenomenon occurs, check whether the position of the limit bolt is loose.