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The processing technology of bottle blowing mould
- May 15, 2018 -

  It is necessary to know the processing technology of blowing mould.

  Bottle blowing machine | Extrusion blow molding machine | bottle mold | blowing mould cpid=35.These are products that you should not be unfamiliar with,

  Today we are going to introduce the details of the technology of process.

  The numerical control machining of blowing mould has certain typicality.It has higher requirements than the NC machining of ordinary products.In the processing of mold, all kinds of NC machining are useful,

  The most widely used is NC milling and machining center. The application of NC wire cutting machining and NC edm. In mold NC machining is also very common.

  The line cutting is mainly used in the machining of various straight wall, such as the concave and convex mould in the stamping process, and the insert in the blow mold.Slide block, electric spark plug electrode, etc.

  For mold parts with high hardness, machining methods cannot be processed. Electric spark machining is used mostly, and edm is also used for sharp corners, deep cavity parts and narrow grooves in mold cavity.

  The CNC lathes are mainly used to process the standard parts of the mould bar, and the mold cavity or core of the rotary body, such as the bottle body,

Basin class blow Plastic mold, shaft, plate parts die forging.In the mould processing, the application of nc drilling machine can also improve the machining precision and shorten the processing cycle.

  Blowing mould is an important process equipment for producing various industrial products. With the rapid development of plastics industry,And plastic products in aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automobile industries, products is becoming more and more high to the requirement of the mould, the traditional mould design method has been unable to adapt to today's requirements.Compared with traditional mold design, computer aided engineering (CAE).

Whether it is to improve productivity, ensure product quality, or reduce costs and reduce labor intensity, it has great advantages.