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The clamping system of bottle blow molding machine
- Mar 28, 2018 -

  The clamping system is one of the most important part of the plastic bottle blowing machine.

  The clamping machine components: Templatem, balance rod,hyperbolice arem. cross, synchromesh gear, clamping cylinder(or hydro-cylinder) so on.

  Our full automatic bottle blow molding machine adopt  hyperbolic arm  structure. His advantage : can produce large clamping force, ensure the joint of bottle is slim and nice, low noise. And he has a buffer,the impact force is very small ,won't cause the deformation or crack of the template.

   There are some copper sleeves between the templates and balance bars, beacause of his self-lubrication, wear resistance, can protect the bar from wear.Even if the copper sleeves is wear and tear,just exchange it.It's very convenient.

    There are  some steel sleeves between the hyperbolic arm. You know the steel sleeves are very hard, and there is the oil groove inside of them, the oil was added into  it through oil pump to lubricate and protect the hyperbolic arm and joint.

     The clamping machine is installed  on the butterfly guide. Why using the butterfly guide, and not the round guide? Because of his good balance, good bearing, the steel ball inside the slider won't run out, ensure the clamping machine move more stably.

clamping machine of bottle making machine.JPG