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Technical Features Analysis of PP Blow Molding Machine
- Feb 06, 2018 -

PP blow molding machine since its inception has been rapidly adopted by all walks of life, thanks to its long life, greater clamping force, non-air-bag clamping technology and toggle less force, and more stringent and convenient sealing technology And more easy to operate, more reliable PLC material touch screen distinctive features and highlights. Through the overall analysis of the industry dynamics, we can clearly understand the PP blow molding machine industry, the direction of development.

The scope of application of the film blowing machine is mainly based on the material of different, such as PP film blowing machine for film production for a variety of supermarket shopping bags, bags and other relatively hard hardness of the tensile and brightness requirements are not high Bags, while the high-pressure PE blown film suitable for a variety of storage bags, back to the film for a variety of garbage bags and so on, the film blowing machine is widely used in various industries.