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The difference between semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine and fully automatic bottle blowing machine
- Nov 16, 2018 -

     The difference between a PET semi-automatic bottle blowing machine and a fully automatic bottle blowing machine is what many people would say, for example;Save labor, increase production, etc.However, we also ignore the fact that although the PET automatic bottle blowing machine saves manpower and increases production, it is 2-3 times as much floor space as the semi-automatic one and USES N times as much power as the semi-automatic one. Then whether the PET automatic bottle blowing machine saves cost or not actually depends on the product.

    For example;Our common water bottles, such as high demand products of production, nature is more profitable with PET automatic bottle blowing machine, for example, manufacturers need to the output of 6000 bottles per hour, if we use PET semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, then according to the fastest speed, the workers went on two products of choose and buy, need 4 sets, so if you select automatic, is a PET high speed servo bottle blowing machine, covers an area of less than semi-automatic.According to the demand of electricity consumption of semi-automatic production, the electricity consumption of 4 units is naturally higher than that of 1 full-automatic, and the labor that everybody knows, yes, saved at least 8 workers, cost I believe everyone understand.

    Is also our common cosmetic bottles, for example, small like this bottle, bottle preform, long and thick, not products production demand, it is not suitable for mass production, also not suitable for multi-cavity, so PET automatic bottle blowing machine to maximize was limited, the straight line machine is currently on the market on the basis of the 4 cavity, output per hour in 2800-3300 or so, if the small card buckle, it's only on artificial (to prevent scratches bottle preform), in order to heat evenly, machine than normal extended 1 meter, natural drying tunnel will be lengthened 2 meters, so power consumption is equivalent to semi-automatic 3-5 times,Of course, the labor cost is still the PET full automatic bottle blowing machine to save a bit.However, if you can produce around 2000 bottles, then I think the semi-automatic option will be better than the fully automatic one.

      We said above is the cost savings, and the little face us about the special products, such as cosmetic requirements higher, special-shaped products (lanterns), or the capacity is large, output does not require these products, is suggested to consider PET semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, this will not only save your rental costs, electricity cost, also improve product rate.