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Machine feet
- Oct 30, 2018 -

How to choose bottle blowing machine part 2Machine feet

  We said above that the clamping machine is the soul of the flask machine, equivalent to the role of the heart on the human body, then a bottle blowing machine as long as the clamping machine can be done?Of course not.A good heart is not enough for a human body, but a complete set of limbs.Then the robot foot is our human body's limb, its existence can let us move freely, and has the possibility of flying.

   The machine foot that sees on current market now blow bottle machine, every manufacturer is each show divine wisdom, according to oneself conception, various, the person that sees is dazzled, do not have a choice.So the question is, what kind of machine is the most stable machine foot, which one should we choose?

  1. Height of machine footEverybody knows any thing is shorter more stable, so the machine foot of a lot of manufacturer also slant short, the machine stage height of some manufacturer even is under 0.8 meters, but the height of basic manufacturer is in 1 meter or so, the manufacturer of some tall even achieved 1.3 meters, so what kind of height is the most appropriate?

    First of all, the machine is relatively stable, but it greatly increases the maintenance difficulty of the workers. No one can tell me that my machine is not broken.So the machine is too short, maintenance workers can not even straight up, so maintenance is particularly difficult, waste of time.

    In order to solve this problem, many manufacturers saved the layer of iron plate on the machine foot, which saved the cost of machine manufacturing and solved the problem of maintenance. However, such equipment, at first glance, looks empty, and many simple and common tools cannot be put, which is not particularly ideal.

    Second, the machine do 1.3 meters high, the following are the benefits of such maintenance problem solved, but the upper die, clamping machine maintenance, debugging and reach the tube lights, have climbed to the top machine feet, this is very inconvenient, and the higher the machine feet, the worse the stability of the machine, the thickness of the steel tube below will thicken, the machine will aggravate, boring when transportation cost and transportation convenience is not ideal.

    So, what's the best height for the foot, which is 1.15 meters.The maintenance of this height is just right, and it can be straightened, and the maintenance on the machine foot is not necessary to climb up. Naturally, the steel pipe with a thickness of 50mm is enough. No matter the weight of the machine or the total height of the machine, it will not affect the cost of transportation.

    2. Machine foot structureThe structure of machine foot is relatively simple, want to satisfy the place of internal article only and simple and solid ok, also be to want dimensional arrangement of course reasonable, otherwise bad maintenance.

    3. Internal structureThe internal structure of the machine foot is divided into upper structure and lower structure, the upper structure is divided into baking channel and clamping machine, the lower structure is divided into gas path and circuit.These are more complex, and I will introduce them to you in a future article.