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How to choose the bottle blowing machine: About output
- May 25, 2018 -

How to choose the bottle blowing machine: About output

PET two-step bottle blowing machine, there are two structures on the market at present, one is the cylinder drive, another is the servo motor drive.

The performance of the machine driven by cylinder is more stable than that driven by servo moter . The machine structure is more rigorous.

Today we will talk about how to correct these two shortcomings.


Actually this is very simple, cylinder push board there will be a violent crash, is mainly due to the collision between two push board host phase, and the clash depends on the two push board, the raw materials of the two plate using plastic nylon is ok, at least reduce the two-thirds of the crash.

2. Low output

This is more professional, there are mainly two points, one, at present, the cylinder driven machines on the market are relatively small, 2 cavity pet blowing machine is close to the square. The distance of the oven is quite short, bottle preform tube contact the longest is about 1 meter, resulting the bottle preform must be baked well in a certain time must be so will adjust the tube temperature and finally results the bottle preform temperature is  uneven , blowing time short, easy to produce waste only lengthen blowing time to guarantee the rejection rate, yield is low.

In other words, the speed of revolution of the billet is slowed down. Only when the speed is slowed down can the billet be heated evenly. In this way, there is no need to extend the blowing time.

To ensure the normal production, 1, we will increase the modulus of roast preform, lengthen the heater, make the bottle preform revolution speed is constant, blowing time unchanged, under the condition of normal air, ensure the rejection rate, increase production.

2. Far-infrared coated lamp tube is used. The coated lamp tube has concentrated light source and strong penetrating power, which not only makes the bottle preform evenly heated, but also allows rapid penetration.

Of course, if you want to increase the output. We have two ways:  using coated tubes, with 5L 90 g edible oil bottle preform for exmple, ordinary cylinder push production in one hour is 1000-1100 bottles, servo motor per bottle blowing machine output is 1200-1300 bottles per hour, and the stretched coated tubes production at about 1500-1600 bottles.

How about it If it’s very practical? Now if you know how to choose the bottle blower?