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- Nov 06, 2018 -

How to choose bottle blowing machine 4: electrical

    The electrical part says simple very simple, says complex very complex;So let's start with the choice of electrical components.Manufacturers use appliances brand is more, now I can tell a lot of a less known and inferior brand names, the most commonly used are: China chint, South Korea's delixi, France schneider, I personally think like relay, switch, circuit breaker these play a role in, chint is completely can be applied in China, of course, if you are the pursuit of quality, you can also use the French schneider.Wire is quite complex, prices are more diverse, some manufacturers to save costs are worse, so that when voltage instability, wire will be spontaneous combustion;Of course, the thicker the wire, the better. Relatively speaking, aluminum wire should be used instead of copper wire, and room temperature should be used instead of high-temperature ones. Then, it should be connected according to the requirements of various national voltages.

       Now, the most important place for the electrical part is where the heart beats -- the control system.Generally, the control system is composed of man-machine interface and controller (also with amplification board). Man-machine interface is relatively simple. As the name implies, it ACTS as an image display just like the display screen of our desktop computer.Controller is more important, his role is to control all components of the whole bottle blowing machine, the program also will be more complex, more difficult to blow the bottle and the cavity number of bottles will use the extension (i.e., amplifier board) increase the control points, so that the controller of brand choice is more important that manufacturer of general use are in Taiwan, Germany's Siemens and Japan's mitsubishi, etc., in my opinion, in terms of the use of the straight-line bottle blowing machines, as has been applied for completely, pursue quality can choose the other higher end.Moreover, the controller's program should be as simple as possible, which makes it easier for users to operate, and the manufacturer will save some of the after-sales service funds.

      The choice of electric appliance, not a word two words can be clear, if have time, I will write a more complete, for everybody reference.