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Solution to common problems of linear PET automatic bottle blowing machine
- Nov 22, 2018 -

It is very common that the linear PET full automatic bottle blowing machine will attract the bottom in the production process, and many people may not understand what a bottom is. Let me explain it first.

      The so-called bottom suction is that when the bottle blowing machine is in normal production and the mold is opened, the bottle follows the bottom of the mold to move up and out of the bottle holder. When there is no support, the clamping die problem is caused by falling, which leads to the machine's failure in normal production and failure.

     So what is the cause of this bottle-blowing machine?There are two reasons. One is that everyone knows that, because of the long production time, the mold generates heat and the mold bottom is hot, so the bottle sticks to the bottom of the bottle and cannot fall off. This is a better solution.Second is that the bottle blowing very full, causing the demoulding difficulty, so many manufacturers in the solution to this problem, method is different, I want to say today is the most ideal is also the most reasonable, and the machine and mold will not damage, which is on the clamping cylinder and an induction switch, the inductive switch is single control clamping machine at the time of 0.0001 seconds to pause, rising from the bottom of the mold process of screens, without the bottle out of the bottle before fall.

     How to do this method is simple, yes, it is easier to say, but it is not necessarily easy to do, just a small induction switch, affecting a series of operations, and the time of the die card bit, etc., must be set accurately.