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How to choose bottle blowing machine part 2: locking module
- Oct 22, 2018 -

The mould locking machine is the soul of the bottle blowing machine. Relative to the effect of the heart on people, the heart has stopped beating. Can the machine still turn?So how do you choose a clamper?

1.clamping machine structure

At present the most common clamping machine structure on the market has two kinds;

One is the straight - push locking die, twenty - arm locking die

             (1) straight push locking dieIt literally means to push directly without adding any resistance, and it has only

                       one advantage, which is to increase production.However, there are many shortcomings, the biggest of 

                       which is the difficulty and instability of mould locking;

                      It is difficult to lock the mold. Any object will rebound under the direct force, so the mold is not tight

                      after the mold is closed. In addition, the blindly pursuit of speed does not have any buffer.Instability:

                      there are two reasons for instability. One is the interaction of forces. The impact driven directly is too

                      large.Another reason is that the clamping machine mentioned above does not have any buffer. In order

                      to be able to lock, many manufacturers have pressurized the cylinder at home. The long-time use will

                      lead to the tearing of the formwork of the clamping machine

          2. curved arm locking module

              Many people have seen the injection molding machine, injection molding machine is a relatively high

              requirements of the machine, so you see the injection molding machine lock mold structure is what?

             Yes, you're right, of the injection molding machine clamping is crank arm type, no injection molding

              machine clamping structure is straight push, it is proved that the crank arm type clamping of the clamping

             force is bigger than straight push, so don't need the pressurized cylinder, and the crank arm type clamping

              in the mold locking will have corresponding buffer, then straight push the two fatal weaknesses will not

              exist.So the disadvantages of the curved - arm locking die are not?Of course not, that is to say the output

              will be less than that of the direct, but not much, and if you switch to the private fit, the output will be more

             than that of the direct.

       See here, do you know which clamping structure to choose?Yes, the arm pose is your best bet.