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Bottle blowing machine parts selection
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Selection of spare parts

             The structure of the automatic straight line bottle blowing machine is basically about the same, today we will talk about the choice of spare parts.Whether circuit, gas path, still many friends will blunt brand to choose and buy, they firmly believe in festo, SMC, the quality of these big brands, so they when the choose and buy the bottle blowing machine to compare these high-end configuration, but often after the manufacturer to send the past their offer, they again to the price of bottle blowing machine is difficult to accept, because in their heart, China should not be so expensive.In fact, what I want to say is that big brands are not necessarily good.A bottle blowing machine, in the premise of stable production, the main parts of the parts can be used better, there is no need to use the top level?

            Such as cylinder, a lot of foreign customers require festo, actually in my 10 years of bottle blowing machine career I feel really don't have to be, a tensile cylinder, festo (note that the cost is the cost of 2-3 times that of SMC, you know, clamping cylinder is more expensive, a bottle blowing machine add up all of the cylinder, if the cost of the SMC (if) is 20000, then the festo in at least 50000.In addition to SMC for assembly cylinders and stretching cylinders, if other brands are used, the estimated cost will be around 15,000, such as yongcheng in China, which I personally think is good, or ningbo sanhuan.

           Like the circuit, like relays, power switches, emergency stop switches, circuit breakers and so on, there's no need to use schneider's, like Korea's delisi, China's zhengtai are all more than adequate.Of course, the frequency converter is still recommended to use schneider.And then there's the control system, mitsubishi, Siemens, delta, shinseki, etc., mitsubishi is the most expensive, and the equipment sold over the years tells me that delta is okay, as long as the program doesn't go wrong, it says the computer is broken, the touch screen is broken, it's rare, there's no need to spend that money.

          Like the valve, the air valve and the action valve.This is more rigorous. All the movements of a machine are done by them. Therefore, it is necessary to use better products.

          The last thing I want to say is screw, right is screw, a very small thing, enough can destroy a machine, no matter what you configure what brand, screw is not in place then the whole machine will be discarded.I once sold a machine to Indonesia. Due to the shipping schedule at that time, I used a screw with a hardness of only 4.8. I tried it at home and everything was normal.The result is that the machine has been deformed to the customer company and many parts have been misplaced. As a result, the debugging master of the company has stayed in the customer company for more than one month. Although the screw of the machine has been replaced, the stability of the machine is far less than that of the original equipment.

          Finally, if you have money, you can choose big brands.If you want to save money and not be too bad, consider my advice.