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Blow molding machine used in raw materials
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Slitting round blade thermosetting plastic thermoplastics is characterized by heating can be softened, the temperature continues to rise can be melted, and cooled back to solid state: blow molding machine This process is reversible, you can repeat many times. For example, polyolefins, polystyrenes, polyamides, polyacrylics, chlorinated polyethers and polycarbonates are all such plastics: while thermoplastics are characterized by their ability to convert to plastic at a certain temperature Body, but if you continue to increase the temperature, extend the heating time, the polymer will produce cross-linking. Curing occurs; if the blow molding machine to continue to raise the heating temperature will decompose c For example; phenolic plastic, plastic substrate, epoxy resin, resin mapping, such as plastic belongs to this category