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How to choose bottle blowing machine 4: baked passage
- Nov 02, 2018 -

          So we talked about the locking machine for the bottle blowing machine, and today we're going to talk about the second most important baking track.

            The baking path, as the name implies, is made up of the oven and the slide.The structure of the oven is very simple, and the most important is the selection of the lamp tube. At present, there are two kinds of lamp tubes commonly used in the blowing bottle machine industry, one is transparent and the other is coated.And coating lamp tube divides again besmear white and besmear red, each have use.The ordinary product USES the lamp tube that besmears white to be ok, its penetrating power is enough can deal with;But encounter a few special products, must use besmear red lamp tube, namely we say ruby lamp tube at ordinary times, ruby lamp tube permeability is strong, stability is strong, also on the price is a bit more expensive of course, a 8 groups of 32 blow bottle machine, cost can differ about 200 dollars.As for the size of the oven, height, length depends on the design of the slide, and the design of the slide depends on the appearance of the product.

           As far as the straight-line bottle blowing machine is concerned, there are two types of slideways: one is a chain structure driven by servo, the other is a sliding plate (block) structure driven by cylinder, which are suitable for any product.However, to be more refined and rationalized, we need to separate the design. For example, the servo chain is suitable for products such as mineral water with light weight, small diameter and high output.However, those with heavy weight and large aperture, which do not require output, are more suitable for cylinder pushing, because the stability of cylinder pushing is relatively stronger than that of servo.

          When these are determined, you can choose the number of pairs, length, wattage, double row, and so on.So far, I've found that baking is by far the easiest thing to say.

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