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Automatic bottle blowing machine development trend
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Today, fully automatic blow molding machine has become the mainstream of the relevant market and rapid development. As the ever-increasing number of large-scale enterprises begin to replace their equipment, automatic blow molding machines have become the preferred blowing equipment of choice for enterprises. Today, many blower manufacturers have also started flinging automatic bottle blowing machine market. However, no matter from the downstream enterprises such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals or plastic bottle manufacturers in China, the majority are still mainly small and medium-sized companies. In particular, some plastic bottle manufacturers are still family type of workshop. With regard to these manufacturers, they must think about the purchase cost of the blow molding machine when they choose the blow molding machine. High automatic bottle blowing machine offer, manufacturers will naturally think about buying artificial semi-automatic bottle blowing machine. Therefore, in the future can not be fully automatic bottle blowing machine 100% of the possession of shopping malls. Our blow molding machine manufacturers in the deployment of fully automatic blow molding machine shopping malls, but also to actively grasp the semi-automatic and simple blowing machine market.

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