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Automatic bottle blowing machine advantages
- Feb 06, 2018 -

1, automatic bottle blowing machine, each heating zone has an independent section temperature control; heating zone of the lamp, reflector parts and spacing can be based on preform embryo not the same shape, size to be adjusted to Reach the best warming effect.

2, automatic bottle blowing machine, the use of constant temperature and temperature control method of infrared lamp heating of the preform to ensure preform heating the right amount, accurate, stable, free from input voltage changes.

3, automatic bottle blowing machine according to the needs of different types of goods can be matched for the double-chamber double-stretching cylinder, three-chamber three-stretch cylinder, four-chamber four-cylinder stretching or six-chamber six-cylinder stretching planner, functionally Single conditioning using a single cavity single stretching cylinder to adapt to adjust or test mode, such as the different needs.

4, Automatic blow molding machine control system with active alarm function; when the operation error or abnormal, the computer will appear and issue a warning.

5, automatic bottle blowing machine mold replacement quick and easy, in the corresponding machine within the scope of the mold without adjusting the thickness of the mold.

6, automatic bottle blowing machine production process almost all automation, can simultaneously support multiple machines combined to fully automated production line.