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Analysis on the development status of Chinese bottle blowing machine
- Apr 19, 2018 -

    At present,most of the bottle blowing machine company are small and medium enterprises , lack of technology , lack of self-development capacity, it is difficult to realize the scale of the technology-intensive production, it is difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand.There are fewer enterprises producing large bottle blowing machines in China, and the competition degree is much smaller than that of small bottle blowing machine, so the profit space is larger.Relevant enterprises should seize the opportunity to promote the development of the industry. 

To reflect the development of plastic bottle in our country, it is absolutely necessary to develop and manufacture the mechanical equipment.Through years of development, domestic bottle blowing machine industry in learning and using for reference on the technology of continuously catch up with the international well-known bottle blowing machine manufacturers, and on the bottle blowing equipment manufacture gradually formed its own advantage. 

     In fact, blowing bottle machine need to form its own advantage, can not be separated from the production technology of the bottle blowing machine auxiliaries. Such as: air compressor, compressor and so on related equipment spare parts localization technology progress, only in those parts of equipment in fully formed on domestic technology advantage and progress, to promote the progress of the industry as a whole bottle blowing machine.With the development of the domestic market of plastic bottle, plastic bottle blowing machine also obtained fast development, it is widely used in beverage and medicine and cosmetics and food industry, and attracts more producers choose to bottle blowing machine to replace the previous bottle manufacturing tools. Ningbo c-storm plastic machinery co., LTD. is one of the best in the beverage machinery industry, providing you with the perfect solution to realize your dream of blowing bottle. 

     Among the many products, multi-layer extruded hollow bottle blowing machine is a very promising hollow blowing machine.As multilayer hollow blow molding high barrier property products in the hollow products accounted for the proportion of more and more big, in the field of making multilayer blow molding products not only in the food packaging industry to develop very fast, and in chemicals and cosmetics and pharmaceutical and health care and other industrial packaging is also growing fast.Therefore, the development of the bottle blowing machine is due to its excellent characteristics and will be at its peak in the next few years.However, with the wide application and increasing requirements, the pharmaceutical industry has two urgent needs for bottle blowing equipment.One is due to raw material prices continue to rise, the enterprise all the time don't want to on how to reduce the packaging cost to achieve the maximization of profit, so you need to use advanced bottle blowing equipment to produce lighter bottle;Second, because of the changing market, manufacturers must respond flexibly to the ever-shorter life cycle of medicine.These two urgent need to blow bottle equipment supplier a big problem. 

    Therefore, in the development process, the bottle blowing machine enterprises want to obtain long-term development must face these problems, to play their own advantages to grab market, industry and continue to strengthen technological innovation, set up a good brand image, so as to stabilize the market. 

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