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About the the transparent of PET bottle
- Apr 10, 2018 -

  When we use two stage PET bottle blowing machine to produce bottles, what cause the transparent of PET bottle not good ?

  Several reasons: 

1.The temperature of heater in the bottle making machine is too high; 

2.The heating time is too long;

3.The high pressure air contains the water;

4.The PET preform itself is not transparent;

5.The design of PET preform is not reasonable;

6.The blowing ratio is too small.

 Then how we can do when we meet this problem ?

  1. Get down the temperature of heater;

  2. Shortening heating time;

  3. Using the air cooling dryer to remove the water in the air.

  4. Improve the quality of Preform, Improve the drying degree of raw material;

  5. Improve the size design of PET preform;

  6. Reduce the preform diameter.

    PET bottles.png