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About the bottle blowing machine , why is the material on the PET bottle bottom and neck buildup
- Apr 11, 2018 -

 Sometimes, we will find some questions on the PET bottle which is produced by bottle blow molding machine.The materials on the bottle bottom and neck is buildup or rolled up, how we can do ?

 Now let's use elimination to find out the reasons first:

1. The time of delay is too long;

2. The stretch blow moulding machine with 2 cavity, one is rolled up, another is good;

3. The temperature of the part buildup is too low;

4.The pressure of the action is unstable,which affects the down speed of the stretch rods.

 The solutions :

1.Shorten the stretching time or reduce the drop speed;

2.Reduce the volume of air on the side of the PET bottle which is not good;

3.Increase the temperature of the place on PET preform which have problem.

4.Add the gas storage tank to the action gas source or shorten the gas suply line.