6-cavity PET High-speed Bottle Blowing Machine

6-cavity PET high-speed bottle blowing machine, mainly aimed at moderate production, high-end water bottles, cosmetics bottles, and the more common ice bottles on the market.It not only has the high output, and the low rejection rate, is very suitable for the development of middle - end enterprises.

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6-cavity PET high-speed bottle blowing machine




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6-cavity PET high-speed bottle blowing machine

             6-cavity PET high-speed bottle blowing machine,Generally for the production of high-end water.Because the market demand of high-end water is often less than one over ten of the normal water, so it is not necessary to request a high yield,       PET6 cavity high-speed production of bottle blowing machine is 9000 bottles per hour, with full servo, including drive,         clamping, stretching, blowing, the billet, and so on, to meet production at the same time, also save a lot of electricity and labor costs, is the Gospel of high-end water production enterprises.

      1.    6 cavity PET high-speed bottle blowing machine, with high precision computer control, to achieve high precision;The computer can store 10 kinds of blowing bottle models, so that one machine can be used for many purposes, greatly reducing        the procurement cost.

      2.    Fully automatic operation, the output is equivalent to the general automatic bottle blowing machine 1.6 times, semi-automatic bottle blowing machine three times, greatly reduce labor costs and management costs, while improving the output          to meet production needs.

      3.    Servo operation is adopted in all the actions to improve the output, reduce waste and reduce energy consumption.

      4.    PET high-speed bottle blowing machine is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as: water bottles, beverage bottles, cosmetics bottles, spray bottles and so on.

      5.    Flexible operation, according to their own requirements, automatic and manual switching, easy to understand, anyone     can operate, there is no need to have a professional.

      6.    Each mechanical action has a safety self-locking device, when the process fails, it will automatically switch to safety     mode to protect the safety of operators.

      7.    All photoelectric induction are adopted international brand omron, super induction, so that every movement is very in   place, accurate.gongyi 



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                6-cavity PET high-speed bottle blowing machine


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