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The special bottle blowing machine for atomizer is a new kind of technology combination, which solves the problem of the blank of the sprayer, improves the output of the machine and saves labor cost

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Features of the sprayer bottle blowing machine

       The bottle blowing machine produced by our company is a combination of new technology. Compared with the old bottle blowing machine, it can achieve automation. Under the same electric charge and other circumstances, it not only improves the output, but also saves labor cost and reduces the probability of industrial injury。

Characteristics of flask blowing machine

1)The problem of the difficulty of the sprayer bottle blank is solved by using double thin slideway,Reduce manpower and save cost

2)Adopt cylinder pushing, chain plate structure, reduce friction, increase speed and increase production

3)The lengthening circulation of single drying channel makes the blank even heated, reduces the inferior product, increases the output

Spray bottle blowing machine appearance picture


Picture of the interior of the sprayer



Spray picture


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