30L Beer Barrel Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

The special bottle blowing machine for 30L bottle barrels is a new type of bottle blowing machine developed by our company for many years.

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Special bottle blowing machine for 30L bottle barrels


IMG_1687_副本 啤酒桶啤酒坯


The characteristics of a special bottle blowing machine for bottles and barrels

1)Using conveyor belt to drive the billet, the billet is pulled up directly after displacement, which solves the problem of automatic billet feeding for the heavy billet, reduces manpower and saves costs

2)The high-power blow valve increases the pre-blow function and greatly strengthens the effect of bottle. It saves 10g weight and raw material cost compared with the general blown billet

3)The machine is driven by the original sliding block cylinder, which ensures the stability of the machine

4)The production can be maximized and optimized by using the extension of baking track

5)The height of the fuselage increases the maintenance convenience of the lower half of the machine and stabilizes the chassis


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Safeguards &services 


a. Reply the email and take action in 24 hours. 
b. 100% Quality inspection before the shipment.
c. Can training clients operator for free in seller's factory.
d. Engineer overseas is available.
e. Blowing mold and injection mold made original.
f. Auxiliary machines for complete line.
g. Customized design as requirements.

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